Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hatch Board Storage

On SummerPlace, there is no convenient place to store the hatch boards while sailing. Usually, I bury them under the pillows in the forward stateroom for a day sail. When we go out for a few days on a cruise, they're often under foot and have to moved from time to time. I could just toss them into the cockpit locker but want to keep them looking good and not all scratched up. This project addresses the issue by giving them a proper and secure home for all occasions.

A flat, narrow box was constructed from plywood. Hinged at the bottom and mounted in the port cockpit locker, the box tips out for loading the boards and then folds up and out of the way for storage. A divider built into the box, keeps the boards from banging into each other. The outside dimensions are 25w x 22h x 2.75d

The setup is secure, quick and easy to use, and will likely replace the bed pillows if it ever stops raining long enough to actually go sailing.

Update: Since the photos were taken, I added a latch to secure the box in the upright stowed position. The bungee cord is eliminated.

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