Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cockpit Cover

The Nonsuch cockpit lends itself to a simple slant-back cover. No bows or supports are needed. It keeps the cockpit clean and dry. In the first photos, Mike uses the finished fabric to mark cutting points. That is mated with a detailed pattern made on poly sheet the indicates snap locations and places where clearance is requird for deck hardware. A soft material was added around the edge to prevent chafing of the canvas against the teak cockpit eyebrow. The last photo shows the cover in use. The port-side zipper is opened up about half way making for easy entry and exit. A worthwhile addition.

New Dock Lines

I love new dock lines. They look good, feel good, and secure the boat well. I saw a Craigslist post for these top quality lines the other day and jumped at the chance to get them at a really good price. (Thanks Erik)